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Hospitals are the face of changing medicine and we provide hospitals engineering services to make that face look good. Our engineering services will enhance your hospital and change it into a most sought after hospital. Instead of a dark place where there is rare good news, it will be a well-equipped place with cutting edge technology and solutions for zero negative outcomes. With your team of highly qualified doctors and our team of dedicated engineers, we can give your hospital the look which will take it to new heights.

New to existing

Our hospitals engineering services that we provide makes your hospitals turn new from the existing hospital. We offer refurbishments and renovations of hospitals by upgrading it with current trends and introduce medicinal equipment’s by constantly updating our knowledge in the healthcare industry.

best hospitals engineering services

Operation Theatres

Operation Theatres need to be the most sterile area in the hospital complex. This is the room where surgical operations take place which is why they need utmost cleanliness, sterile environment and proper functioning. From the operating table to all the surgical equipment’s everything needs to be in order. We ensure that the area is clutter free at the floor area without any obstructions. The OT is supposed to be on the same level as the ICU/ICCU.

Hospitals engineering

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

ICU is one of the most critical rooms in any hospital. These rooms equipped with all the machines ensure speedy recovery of patients. It is a special segment of a health care facility that provides intensive treatment. We ensure that the ICU has accommodative environment with sound proofing and soothing interiors. The ICU is such as would ensure close monitoring, support system, advanced medical resources for quick recovery of patients.

Hospitals engineering service

ICCU (Intensive Coronary Care Unit)

ICCU is a hospital ward specialized in the care of patients who had heart surgery and require continuous monitoring and treatment. These rooms need proper alignment of all the tangible resources such as bed spacing, proximity to Operation Theatre, essential monitoring machines. Room interiors for ICCU are more specific with respect to layout than other wards because of the gravity of the medical condition. Our solutions will optimise your ICCU in the most optimum way.

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